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Indigenous people have been involved in creating nature-based solutions for centuries.

As environmental partners dealing with climate crisis that may lead to spread of diseases, they are inviting us to pay attention to medicines of Amazon Rainforest.

There are over 2000 distinct medicinal plants in Amazon that have not been yet documented. The knowledge of these plants is still alive in medicine men and women who live in the forest. 

We invite you to follow our new project of Yawanawa garden of medicine to learn more about the preservation of this knowledge.   

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About The Yawanawa

The Yawanawá are a bridge between the past and the future of the Amazon rainforest. They live on the Gregorio River in the State of Acre, Brazil, on lands that their ancestors have called home for eons. Theirs is a story of connection to their land, their traditions, and a commitment to passing that connection to the next generations of the Yawanawá.

Photo by Yamuna Flaherty


It is easy to feel lost. It is easy to forget that we are part of an intelligent living being called Earth. Scared Balance is our compass point in our psyche and in our body that reminds us we are in a web of life, interconnected to all living beings on this planet.  

From immemorial time, indigenous people of the world have pay close attention to interconnection in all living beings in this live planet.. the sacred balance has been always the compass point and a remembrance of our scared “we” on this planet.  

Now we have a problem; we are losing biodiversity and scientists are showing us a link between deforestation in Amazon Rainforest and spread of new diseases. Now we can tap to solutions that are still alive in medicine men and women. 

In Amazon Rainforest, in Acre region of Amazon, along the gregory river, there is 2000 hector of Yawanawa territory spread in eight villages. In one of these villages, called Mutum where Matriarch Marizina Yawanawa led among others, a project is born.

The old shaman of the village before passing transmitted to the young apprentice Jordao Suza that the preservation of the medicines of the forest is a necessary and urgent task. Two old medicine men, live encyclopedia of the plant medicine of the region have step in to pass the oral knowledge to the next generation.  


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Supporting the Amazon rainforest and the Yawanawá means preserving the forest way of life, ensuring elders have support to pass down their traditional knowledge practices to new generations so they may continue to uphold their unique identity into the 21st century.

Preserve Indigenous traditional culture, health and land for future generations